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Yet Another Day…

“A time to be reaping, A time to be sowing
The green leaves of summer Are calling me home”

-The Brothers Four


As I opened my eyes, I saw stars everywhere. I remembered falling asleep under the open sky in the afternoon. And now it’s evening. The dark sky was shimmering in the starlight.

-“Are you sick, mister?”

A young girl was standing beside me.

-“No, I just want to be left alone…”

I answered. The girl left; I hope I wasn’t too rude to her. Actually, it’s not very normal. A full-grown man just came and lied down in the green grass of the children’s playground. Kids are curious.

Green Fields of Summer

Green Fields of Summer – (C) Neelotpal Sinharoy, 2017

I don’t know what fell upon me. I was tired, walking aimlessly beside the playground, and suddenly I felt an undeniable urge to just lie down on the grass; and I did just that. The grass was very well maintained. But it was also sharp. Felt good on my back, although hands felt a bit stingy. But I didn’t get up. That uneasiness, such is life. When you feel, you need to do something in your life, you must do something. And, once you’ve done it, you will feel good for most of the part. But there will be complaints, there will be problems, one way or another.

There’s a common saying ‘The Biggest Mistake of My Life’ or ‘The Only Thing I Regret’… I feel there is no such thing! In the heart of regret lies some achievement. And in every big success, there is a tiny, infinitesimally small piece of failure, regret. But I think, it’s better to have a bigger victory than a bigger regret.

Anyway… my hands were getting used to the irritation caused by the grass. Now I started thinking about questions of most rhetorical varieties, the questions, no one can answer, no one can ever comprehend.

Am I doing the right thing? With my life? With people near me, close to me? Am I doing justice?

…like I said, nobody could answer these questions. There are no answers, only perspective and mindset. The answer of same question could, and will be different in a same day, depending on your situation, your perspective. Funny thing is, both the answer could be right or wrong, at the same time. The only thing that matters is how are you feeling, inside, at the core while doing what you’re doing. It’s not what you show all people. It’s what’s keeps you going, keeps you alive. It may be frustrating, tiresome, even painful at times, but beneath that cover, there is a feeling, that is beyond any human comprehension… and that’s bliss, that’s purity, and that’s humanity itself.

I know… I’m thinking too much. I should probably close my eyes and try to calm my mind. Put this budding philosopher to sleep and hope he doesn’t wake up for a few days now.

Now, I’m awake. Looking up to the sky and hoping not to be disturbed. Suddenly a cold wind swept in. rushing through the tree leaves, making a husky rattling sound. And then I felt the rain. One or two drops, falling. Not rain actually. A pre-drizzle. It felt good. I was expecting the water droplets to grow bigger, and I will run home only when the rain seriously threatens my existence. Well, I know the rains can’t wash me away, but realistically, I have one or two electronic items with me. So, I can’t just get drenched in the rain. There are limitations. But, I can feel those drops, again. Getting bigger, winds are making more rattling sound. Any moment now…

But, before the rain, came my mom. She insisted (pretty much ordered) me to go home quickly, freshen up, and lie down on a bed, for god’s sake! So, this little hide-and-go-seek with the rain stopped there. I went home. With some regret, but those stillborn raindrops on my cheek felt nothing but accomplishment…




The First Quote is Taken from “The Green Leaves of Summer” by The Brothers Four 

A Beautiful Song. If you’re interested, the YouTube link is given below

Green Leaves of Summer

Please Allow me to introduce myself…

I must warn you; if you think you are here to encounter a literary genius, who is writing blogs because he is broke, has a troubled past, probably orphan, and writing blogs hoping that someday, some over enthusiastic publisher would be so kind to visit his blog and discover his ingenuity.

If that was your impression, then sadly, you’re mistaken.

I’m actually that creepy nerd you avoided so much in school, and I’m here because I have a computer and an internet connection at my disposal. Anyhow, I guess if you’ve read this far, might as well read the rest of the post too.

Now, like I said, I was the creepy nerd of the class in school, and everyone bullied me. So, once I was out of the school I thought I should make an impact on society and tone down my creepiness. So, I tried to become a Physicist. Thanks to the University of Calcutta, I failed, miserably. But there I was, with a Bachelor degree of little value, and nothing else to do. My father insisted for a Master’s Degree, and I thought, why not! As my career in Physics went down the drains. I changed stream. Went to Atmospheric Sciences and thought I’d become a Meteorologist. But I failed again; Although my results were not bad, I was unable to secure a position as a Ph.D. scholar, even after a year of trying.

Yet again I was with a degree and nothing to do. I realized I need a job. Options were Government Jobs or Something Else… I forgot to mention, I have an elder sister. She identified me as the geek I was, and suggested, “Something Else”. So here I am, Writing this post sitting in a MCA class.

Enough about me, now let’s say something about this thing I call a blog. Well, I will be writing here as regularly as possible, though being a bong, I can’t resist the overwhelming addiction that is “ল্যাদ” ( Lyad n. (Bengali) – The habit of not leaving the bed, even when one’s not sleeping, but also not wide awake, saying ‘To hell with…”  to all the important works to be done…). And I will post in both English and বাংলা, and tag them accordingly.

“Libberish” is a word means Literature and Gibberish, and it also has a hint of Liberty In it… Of course, there is no such word, I made it up…

So, let’s begin… Let’s start this blog… Hope to hear from you soon enough…



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