Wanderlust – To the Sea !!!

Well, Hello !!!

A lot’s happened since the last time I wrote here… Left my Job in Delhi, Came back to Kolkata, and I’m happy to announce, Wanderlust is back, for this Weekend…

No, Not like the long trek and trip I did last time, but this time It’s a road trip to the Sea!

And, I’m not Alone, this Time… My brothers are with me, and we are going away for a 3 day trip to Digha, Talsari, Udaipoor, and Mandarmani.

Like I said, this is a road trip, so we will be driving everywhere, and our Journey begins tomorrow, 5 AM in the Morning…

I’ll post our daily progress, about everything possible, and also apart from the Live and Short Videos, I’ll be sure to follow it up in my YouTube channel.

Wish me luck !




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