Wanderlust – Day 1 – Digha…

I’ve never been to Digha before.

I’m not very fond of seas; Mountains are more my cup of Tea.

I’ve been to Puri quite a few times, with Family. But a summer road trip, demands seaside.

Hence, Digha It is…

Fortunately, my brothers co-operated and we left home @ 5 AM Sharp. And with a few small pit Stops, we reached New Digha @ 9.30 AM.

In Front of the Hotel…

We had no prior Booking, but it took us about half an hour to find a cozy dormitory in Saibal Hotel Pvt. Ltd.

Dropping our bags and Parking the car, we immediately went to enjoy the waves. Foolishly, keeping the Room Key in My Pocket.

And after a few ferocious Waves, It just swam away from my pocket.


Apart from the fine I had to pay for that, The sea-bathing season was fun. I’ve heard things about Digha, but found the Beach quite clean; despite everyone saying otherwise.

We went to Canteen Hotel and Restaurant for lunch. The thalis were affordable, and delicious.


In the Evening, we strolled around the beach, took a few Photos, and sat there till the evening…

Nothing Lasts Forever…

We went to Jalsaghar Restaurant for our dinner, and I do regret the one hour wait time. But the Chopsuey and the Biryani was a delight for taste buds.


The day ended without any more surprises (or shocks). Tomorrow we visit Talsari, Udaypur and Chandaneswar.




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