No More Toxicity Please…

This is Not A Review…

I repeat this is not a review. Last year I wrote a post, which described how we, men turned women into a commodity through the course of history, and how elusive is the concept of ‘feminism’ is. 

Well, this is my ‘reaction’ to the Amazon Prime Original Series ‘Four More Shots Please. And after surviving through the entire season of the said; I have one question.

Why ?

I don’t know why almost every woman-centric or ‘feminist’(?) attempts are so misleading. Save Soojay Sircar’s ‘Pink’, I don’t think there is any realistic and to the point film/series.

The answer is simple, visual entertainment is written by people, and people write their vision, their thoughts into stories and screenplay. So, the twisted logic that we see on silver screens, is in terms, thinking of people, thinking of society.

No More Seasons Please…

Now, I ask again, what is feminism? The short answer, equal rights for women, as of men. But, the message presented in the series, as well as a lot more films and series, is that feminism means women doing what is considered morally wrong, what men have done for centuries and tagging it as ‘Thug Life’.

I mean, how is that true? How is Sleeping Around, Drinking All Day considered cool? What is wrong, is wrong, for everyone… is it so difficult to understand?  

I’ve heard the phrase many times – “A Man Who Sleeps with a lot of Women is a Stud, but A Woman who Sleeps with a lot of Men is a Slut…’

No, a Man who sleeps with A lot of Women is a Man-Whore and believe me, no one respects him. If someone does, he/she belongs in a museum.

This series, like a lot of series/films, has portrayed how immature, impatient and disloyal men are, Men will be Men, and they will slip, in the end. and if a woman slips, she must not be thinking clearly.

I think while finding equal rights and equal power, we have undermined morality and ethics very much. I’ve said before, emotions make a human being, and I believe ethics and morality are what builds a society.

A senior office colleague sleeping with a Junior is a violation of work and office ethics. And sleeping around with multiple partners, and outside marriage, while may not be a criminal offense, but immoral.

But the problem is we all have our own moral compasses. Sleeping around triggers mine. There are people out there, they have different opinions. But, moral policing is not my cup of tea.

I believe there are many people, who will agree with me. And Yes, there are a few good aspects about ‘Four More Shots Please’; but like I said, this is not a review.

But there are some simple things that people must understand; summiting Everest is cool, fucking your doctor is not.

In a recent Interview, Anurag Kashyap said: “Cinema Can’t bring change in this country.” While I do agree with him, but I believe cinema is the socio-historical documentation of contemporary times. And believe me, I don’t want my future generations to grow up watching these toxicities…




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