Wanderlust – Final Day – Back home again…

Well, once you get back on your own bed, lethargy is the first ’emotion’ you experience…

Atleast, that’s what happened to me… So, it took me two days to complete the final installment.

On Sunday, our plan was simple, while returning, we will visit Digha Mohana, Tajpur Beach and Mandarmani.

We left the Hotel @ 7 AM for an early start, and reached Mohana in half an hour…

The Conglomeration

Apart from the Smell of Dried Fish, which my nose being ‘Ghoti’ by birth found ‘Disturbing’, the Mohana was a spectacular view. The Waves crashing on to the Boulders and the rivers was really satisfactory.


Next stop was tajpur. Among all the beaches we’ve seen coming here, Tajpur is the all natural one, with no sign of any boulders whatsoever. And with little hut-restaurants everywhere, one could easily pass the pictures as some beach in Mexico.


First, we thought of having breakfast in Tajpur. But the prices were a bit high to our liking, so we bought some cakes and biscuits, and each had a cup of Tea.

We were a little lost while going to Mandarmani. The Network Failed, and we were stranded midway. After asking a few locals, we reached Mandarmani.


Among the three spots we visited, we stayed in Mandarmani the Least. Because we spent so much time actually finding it.

In the beach we saw a couple sea bathing, and they had two dogs with them. The Labrador was almost submerged in the waves, and boy he was having fun. But the Great Dane was the ‘hydrophobic’ one, scared to go near the water. It was a fun thing to witness.

Out of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gluttony is the one we are the victim of. So, we had one more pit stop in our mind, that is Shere Punjab Dhana In Kolaghat. We decided to have our lunch there, and settled with Rice, Shere Punjab Special Chicken, and Of course, the Tandoori Chicken…


From Kolaghat, it was a hour and a half drive to home, and after our bellies were full, we did not waste much time anywhere else, and headed straight for home where our own beds were longing for a hug.

Clocked 495 KMs… Yeahhh !!!

So, that’s how our Easter Digha Trip Concluded. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. The Vlog and The Photos will be uploaded soon, and I’ll share the links here…

Hope to see you in my next post…




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