Wanderlust – Day 2 – Across Border…

There are many a ways to define a border. And obviously, this is the Border of Orissa and West Bengal I’m talking about.

Our Plan was Udaypur, Talsari and Chandaneswar. And the Morning Drizzle stopped us from Starting Early. We started on About 6:45 and Reached Talsari Beach on 7:10.


After the Bike Ride Around the Beach, and a Glimpse of the Magnificent Red Crabs We had our breakfast and headed for Udaypur Beach.

Gang of Udaypur

In Udaypur, we had freshly Caught and Cooked Shrimps and Pomfrets (Unfortunately, No Pictures).

Next, we headed for Chandaneswar Temple. And as readers already know, I do not have much affinity to gods, but a member of my group lives in the opposite pole. And I hated it. The temple was one of the Dirtiest Temple I’ve ever been too.


Without being sounded overly Political, I must say, although Cow maybe an ‘divine’ animal. And whatever fascination the hindus might have about Cowdung, I believe cleanliness the next to godliness. So when I found cowdung inside the temple, the little trace of Faith vanished quitely.

We came back to Digha and had a looooong session of Sea-Bathing. Then had our Lunch in Chorutibhati Hotel.

After a power nap, in the Evening we suddenly decided to hit the Shankarpur Beach…

Serene Shankarpur

It was a brief and Serene experience. I found Talsari and Shankarpur to be best if someone’s looking for Peaceful and Clean Seasides.

From Shankarpur, we came back to Digha, had a long walk down the beach and retired after dinner.

The trip comes to an end tomorrow. In morning we start our return Journey to Kolkata, touching Mohona, Tajpur and Mandarmani on the Way.




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