It was 2002. I was 10… Yes, there were smaller, less popular iterations of Spider-Man that were shown in Doordarshan, but, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire in the Titular Role started something in me…

As anyone can Imagine, Mobile Phones were not a very common gadget a kid would have, let alone smartphones. Hell, I was one of those fortunate kids to have a Computer in my home; and Internet was a wet dream of epic proportions…

But, Spider-Man did it for me. Hiding from my Parents, I used the BSNL Dial-Up Connection to Google ‘Spider-Man’ and took a 50-60 pages printout from a website, called Wikipedia. Within a day, I became the resident Spider-Man expert in our class. Now, there’s no surprise that someone who gets introduced to the world of superheroes via Spider-Man, will turn out to be a Marvel Fanboy; and there was no exception for me. I was Introduced to DC Comics much later by the only other geek/competition I’ve known, i.e. Chiroprotim Saha.

But, English Comics/Graphic Novels were Expensive. So an occasional search in the internet, or one or two issues from here and there is how I came across different storylines, different characters.

I came across more Spider-Man related characters while Playing the Activision Spider-Man computer Game. And Came Across Captain America and Hawkeye while Playing the Nintendo Arcade Game ‘Captain America and The Avengers’.

That’s how I was introduced to Avengers. And that 10-12 year old boy thought “Boy ! An Avengers movie will be something…”

Six years passed by; the Sam Raimi Trilogy ended in 2007. I never mustered the courage in the five years to ask my father to take me to See Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man 3 in theatre.  

In 2008, Iron Man came out. I procured a copy that movie in VCD, and watched it in Home. When Nick Fury appeared, I was awestruck…. The Avengers are Coming !!! We will actually see an Avengers Movie !!!

I went to see Iron Man 2 in Theatres. 2nd Day, 1st Show. I was never fond of the Hulk, so I willingly missed ‘The Incredible Hulk’ in Theatres (which was surprisingly good, though). I wanted to see Captain America : The First Avenger, and Thor even, but due to college and the Impending Doom, i.e. an Honours Examination.   

But, 2012… The Avengers Assembled for the First Time. And I was the First in Line to the Theatres. And as the Avengers Fought Chitauri, I cheered and laughed and screamed like that 10 year old boy that just finished reading a 50 pages document about Spider-Man.

Since then, I never missed a single movie MCU movie in theatres. Sure, my companions changed, I grew in size and age. 3-D movies became a Regular thing…

But this… this was different…

After Infinity War, we all knew some deaths were eminent… But nothing could prepare you for the emotional train-wreck. I laughed, I cried… I screamed at the Top of My Lungs forgetting I was in a packed hall, I was not 10 anymore, and there are actual grey hairs in my head.

22 Movies… 22 !!! That’s not a Number, that’s just the stepping stones which led us to Endgame. The Culmination of Infinity Saga. A Message that maybe reminding me, I never grew up, At least that child inside me never died.

That’s about it… The Phase 4 of MCU concludes with Spider-Man : Far From Home. Again… Like It all began for me with Spider-Man.

Human beings are emotional, and some might argue my emotions are Misplaced. And to them I say, did you just not read what I’ve written ? yes, they are comic book superheroes, yes, they are fictional characters, and they are a integral part of my never-ending childhood. I bonded with my cousins over these movies. I spent sleepless nights speculating, what’s going to happen next…

 You don’t approve ? I will explain everything all over… I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY…

And Those of you who still think it’s just a movie, well… Good for you, Pal… Go on with your life. And Take your Judgement with you. Nobody Asked you to Open a blog and this this looooong post…

I’ll stay where I am… I’ll be the first to enter the movie halls with those crazy boys and girls who scream ‘Wakanda Forever’ when Black Panther appears on screen. That’s where I belong. That’s who I am…




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