Shameful… or Shameless?

Disclaimer: If you’re a regular reader of my blog, I thank you with all my heart for your continuous support, and in a world, which is ruled by cheesy, horrific and eye candy content, Click-bait and Fake News, you spend your time reading my pesky blog. And I think it’s high time I expressed my gratitude to you, once again…


If you’re here after reading the title and watching the smiling face of Sushant Singh Rajput and assumed that I’m another one to speak ill of the dead, then you are sorely mistaken; and I’m afraid you’ve fallen victim to yet another clickbait title of social media. And if you want, you can leave now… Thank you…

You’re still here? Well then, you might as well hear what I have to say.

First of all, I never wanted to write this thing. Never… When I heard the news of the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput two days ago, I was sad, and wanted to write something on the social media. Then I realized, does it really matter? He was a great person; he was one of the actors I liked; But what writing a few lines and putting a ‘#RIPSushant’ in the end on Facebook or Twitter will do to his soul or me? I’m nobody. My opinions do not matter; At all… and I don’t suffer from that kind of FOMO…

Then, the usual social media circus began. Some assholes started circulating the photos of the dead body; and within an hour, random people over internet became psychology majors and started posting ‘Talk to Me’ statuses. Then came the theories and speculations, whether this was a suicide, or a homicide disguised as a suicide? Was his depression being treated right, or was he ignoring his regular medications? And although I haven’t come across; but I can only imagine someone is sharing some kind of theory based on the occult.

Then came the media, and they blew things out of proportions, like they always do; the major news networks started an unannounced competition among themselves to prove who can be more insensitive.

But that was immediately following the death. Shit really hit the fan the next day. People who had posted statuses like ‘RIP’ and ‘In Memoriam’; started receiving comments like, how ‘Suicide is ‘Haram’ in Islam, and it’s an equal blasphemy to sympathize for someone who has taken his own life’. and people claimed ‘He committed suicide because he was ashamed of being a Rajput and a Hindu’.

Memes started flowing in featuring the Dead body of Sushant Singh Rajput. How Sonu Sood is to blame for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput (yes, Sushant Singh Rajput, not SSR… If you can’t call him by his name, then don’t), as he forgot to send him home to Bihar.

And then, people started digging out old videos and tweets and Instagram comments; about how people made Sushant Singh Rajput feel like a left-out in the film industry; how people jumped to the conclusion that the start kids drove him to depression.

And people started taking dumps on the star kids and Karan Johar for endorsing them. And quite rightly so for most cases; how butt of jokes like Ananya Pandey, Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan have no right of being in the industry and star kids have no talent. Alia Bhatt was specifically criticized (that’s a very subtle way of putting it…) for being a hypocrite. People argued the joke that was made in Koffee with Karan was one of the reasons what drove Sushant Singh Rajput to take his own life.

21st January, 1986 – 14th June, 2020

And then came someone, who has made her recent career about ‘exposing(?) star kids’; Ms. Kangana Ranaut. I Believe, she is an extremely talented actress, possibly one of the finest our generation has seen. But a sensitive person she is not. The last time she spoke to social media, was when her diabolical sister Rangoli Chandel’s twitter account was suspended for tweets regarding Muslim Genocide.

Then she urged our PM to ‘demolish Twitter’.

Rangoli Chandel; the manager and sister of Kangana Ranaut who had made her life’s mission to bully and spew poison on outsiders and star kids alike; and that Kangana Ranaut, who humiliated a media person in a press conference for ‘writing negative reviews of Mankarnika.’ That Kangana Ranaut who is openly, politically aligned to ‘you-know-what’ party; and you think she made a statement about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death out of the goodness of her heart?

No… absolutely not… Although she said all the right things, she waited a whole day, and when social media started putting Karan Johar and star kids on the stands, she rode that wave and came out smiling and once again became the ‘face of the outsiders’ in the industry. At least that’s what everyone’s believing now; but, that’s just another of her shameless attention grabbing publicity stunts, even after disregarding her hypocrisy.

Now, here’s a few points. First, I believe every word that comes out of her mouth is utter and complete bullshit. I too, once was a big fan of her, but now I believe if Ananya Pandey, Arjun Kapoor and Sooraj Pancholi are the end of the spectrum that we despise; Kangana is the other end of the spectrum that’s equally bad.

Now for the social media… Please stop… We know Karan Johar is anything but a moviemaker. He should have been an interior designer or a wedding planner because that’s what he does best. We know Salman Khan is a horrible, horrible human being. In fact, my most viewed blog post of all time is about the Black Buck debacle.

But we are the ones, who opted for Dabanag 3 instead of Chichhore; we are the one who year after year made “Bhai’s” films blockbusters. And now we want to what, castrate him? Lynch him? Dude, we can’t even boycott him…

Speaking of Star kids. Let me say a few names; Shaahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar even Saif Ali Khan- do these names mean anything to you? I see talent and privilege.  And talking about privilege, when this industry was built, everyone were outsiders. But then came nepotism. And whether you like it or not, nepotism is the founding stones of many industries. That’s how things work. One who has got opportunities, helps out someone close. But Karan Johar and many others has twisted this seemingly harmless thing to a very very nasty thing.

In the end, a talented actor like Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. And we may or may not get to the bottom of it, ever. But we are more or less sitting at home and finding our release in social media. My advice, don’t do it. We curse them today; we’ll praise them tomorrow. Remember Hardik Pandya? And the misogynistic things that he said in Koffee with Karan? I can only imagine, if that’s what he says in a talk show, how is he actually in real life. But no, one photo with her girlfriend, one racist comment and in the social media backlash he became the epitome of true love.

How can we forget so easily? The media is shameless. Violence, gore and sex sells the best, and media keeps feeding that to us plentiful. And those who are sharing media quotes today, were bashing Indian media for being a sold out yesterday. People are sharing screenshots of KRKBoxOffice’s Tweet claiming how YRF, KJo and Balaji has blacklisted Sushant Singh Rajput… KRKBoxOffice!!!

Are you guys out of your fucking mind?

KRK, Kamaal R Khan, the person who made a YouTube video when article 377 was abolished and said “From today, ‘I’ll fuck you in the ass’ is a ‘gaali’ no more… It’s an expression of love” in the same video he elaborates, if someone rapes you in the ass, it’s not a crime but an act of love. And we are believing in the shit he has to say today?

C’mon guys. We are better than this. Sushant Singh Rajput had an illustrious career ahead of him, but depression got the better of him. Was it the industry? Was it something else? probably, we will never know. But, spewing hate in social media can’t force Bollywood to change its ways and make amends. Can we boycott Bollywood for real? No… Do we all adored Sushant Singh Rajput? Yes… (most of us, I’m not counting the assholes and the opportunists.)

So, I urge you to please stop this shit-show and find and share his best tweets, best Instagram post, best songs and clips from his movies. Media is Shameless, but we don’t have to indulge in these kinds of shameful activities.




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