You don’t mess around with…

Spoilers… Those Who Haven’t Seen Stranger Thing Season 3, Please Stay Away…






I came across it, accidentally… I had my JECA Exam in three days, and my devices were failing one-by-one; first the mobile Micro SD card, then the Graphics Card of My PC. So, instead of preparing for JECA, I was running in and about the respective service centers.

It was a mess…

But, when I finally got a little bit of time o sit down, and surfing the internet, I came across a TV Series called “Stranger Things”.

I was curious; the name was interesting, yet very straight forward. Then I googled and found out that Stephen King himself has praised the series.

I was intrigued, and reluctantly, I started watching the show, and before I knew it;

I was hooked. In recent times, in multiple occasions, I’ve proved that I am an overgrown man-child. And it didn’t take me long before I became one with Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven.

Yesterday, I binged the third season of Stranger Things.

…and I cried a little…

I maybe the crazy nerd like mike or dustin or lucas, maybe eleven is my favorite character, but yesterday, I cried for Jim Hopper…

You don’t mess around with Jim…

Stranger Things, in surface maybe riddled with ‘Strange’ things, I mean with A Lovecraftian Hive-Minded Monster Lurking In an alternate Dark Dimension ‘Upside Down’ or Eleven’s Telepathic/Telekinetic Abilities, our plate remains, pretty full. But, once you scratch the surface, this is a tale of human emotions. For me, feels like reliving the glory days of my childhood, when I actually had friends. Teenage crushes and heartbreaks, everything.

But, after three seasons, Jim Hopper is probably the one, by whom I got moved the most. And after the credits of the season finale rolled, I realized two things.

First One is easy; in 2019, I got Avengers : Endgame, Game of Thrones ended; Iron Man died, and now, Jim Hopper… Maybe this is a wake up call, reminding me that my childhood is officially over.

Thrice the Charm…

But, the second one is very complicatedly simple… When Hopper’s Speech that he wrote for Mike and Eleven was revealed, I realized, the behavior of each and every possessive parent… What Hopper tried to convey to Eleven was that she maybe Mike’s Girlfriend, but she is also Hopper’s Daughter, and he likes to spend time with her too.

“I Left some Eggos in the Jungle, and you came to my Life…”

As we, the children grow up, and start building our own world around us, we forget to notice that we are already the part of the world of our parents. We spend less time with our parents, we become distant.

Yes, we must have our own world, but we must have the sense of belonging to our parents. Because one fine morning…

I don’t want to think about that… I, we all must and should spend more time with our parents, be a part of their world more. Yes, we may not like everything, because we will always be a child to them, but there smile is still the most precious thing in the world.

Is Hopper Alive ? Maybe… Is he in Kamchatka ? Probably…

But, the truth is, not everyone has the swag to smile in the face of imminent death, and remind us about the crazy stuff that our parents did for us, for our well-being, in one glance…   



P.S. – Sorry for Last Week, I was too worn out to write anything.      


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