The Spoiler Free Hill House

I had to write it…

There are instances where I’ve spent my sleepless nights writing poems or stories, crafting my very own fantasies. But this time;

I had to write it…

Horror, Weird, and other elements of supernatural were a big part of the time I’ve spent writing, reading and watching contents. Although I never claim to be the one to know-it-all and seen-it-all; but I can safely say I’ve seen more than the most.

But nothing like this… Nothing before…

So, I had to write it…

It was somewhat obvious when Stephen King himself has recommended this series; it’s got to be good; because the last one he did, was ‘Stranger Things’, and I think I do not have to explain that statement.

I was expecting a good bunch of scares, but ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ hit me in the face like the southpaw you never expected from a right-handed boxer.


When 10 people take a Rorschach test, the results are bound to be different; and when 10 people see a ghost, you bet, there could be as many as 10 explanations to what they have seen.

As you start sympathizing with the five siblings in the series, you start feeling a connection you’ve never felt before. With so many layers to the story, you see how people process grief, fear, love among other emotions. How childhood trauma can affect the entire adult life of an individual.

I can go on and on about how this is a ground-breaking and worthy reimagination of the horror genre, or maybe this is a genre in itself. But there is one thing I’m certain about; creators will follow this trend, this style, to make more; and when they do, slowly the cheap, petty jump scares will be a thing of the past.

If I can compare this to anything, I’d say it distinctively carries the flavor and the vibe of ‘The Shining’. With a little premise of ‘The Conjuring’. That’s all… Saying anything more than that can spoil the entire essence of this series.

But, I had to write something…

In conclusion, I’d like to add, people don’t just imagine or write this kind of series. This is something you design so meticulously, like the most delicate work of art…

So Hat’s off, Mike Flannagan and Shirley Jackson…






P.S.  Among other things; Carla Gugino, you are love….


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