Happy New Year…

I’ve complained a lot this year… About society and government; and ranted in my blog over and over again.

I made promised to my readers, and failed to deliver… I think that kind of turns all my statements moot.

But today is 31st

A day when we make a list ‘resolutions’ (not) to follow for the coming year.

I know the resolutions we like… I’ll stop eating fast food from this year, I will study hard etc etc etc…


Photo Source – NDTV


I thought maybe, we should make a list of new resolutions this year.

I mean, after all I’ve seen, we have seen this year, I think self centered futile resolutions must end.

So, let’s make a list…

I promise to make the world a better place for kids… Sure, there will always be demonic entities who will try and pluck those delicate flowers, but I will try my best to prevent them.

I promise to preserve the dignity of men and women. I said ‘preserve’ not ‘defend’ because that is a big word; and I have a feeling that defending comes down to angry mob and pitchforks.

I promise to give no one free passes based on their gender or age. Because, not all men/women are holy, no matter how old they might be.

I promise to learn to say ‘no’ to people who deserve it. Because not all of them deserves my kindness, even attention.

And, most importantly…

I promise to trust people blindly… because, well… the reasons are personal…

All of the promises doesn’t apply to every readers, but most of them are; so if you agree with me, do let me know, and if you think there are other promises you want to make to yourself, do let me know in the comments.

Hoping for a prosperous, and creative New Year…





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