Death of An Optimist

Believe me when I say it, “I was not a Pessimist.”

I may be classified as sarcastic, but that’s a whole different regime. I thought this post should be about how I’ve spent this year, but when I actually thought about it, I felt, and I quote Don McLean here;

“Bad News on the Doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step…”

The bad news is what I’ve got the whole year, and as it comes to an end, more unfortunate events are knocking at my door.

Today only, I came across an article in facebook. It had an interesting cover page. Someone put an “OMG” emoji on the face of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and the heading of the said article was…

“Humanity only goes Downhill from Now on…”

I didn’t bother to read the article, but thought; Seriously? Downhill? I mean if we consider human’s first arrival, (which was 2,00,000 years ago) we just got rid of Hitler and Mussolini.


Anyway. Historians say civilization is almost 6,000 years old; so we can say we are civilized enough. And as a resident of one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, we forgive Americans for putting Donald Trump in the president’s chair.

Because we are civilized very much. Women safety is our first priority, and we have Karni Sena to protect Padmavati’s honor.

Bengal is considered a cultural vortex of India. Mamata Banerjee, Subhaprasanna to name a few; and we are a step ahead, as mischievous teachers’ put a finger in the Vagina of a 4-year-old girl, preparing for the molestation and rapes she may have to endure in her lifetime.

And then comes the Master of All, who takes the damn cake. Shambhulaal Raigar ! hacking a man into pieces and setting him on fire! I mean tear comes down my cheeks as I yell “That man is a hero !!!”

It’s the 21st Century! How do people accept inter-religion marriages! That’s obscene! That’s an abomination!!

What else did you expect? A country, which is sheltering sooo many Religions and so many races under one roof, suddenly starts hacking each other into pieces. It’s cool; It’s just civilization at its peak, nothing to be alarmed about.

We are so civilized, when a self-proclaimed godman was accused of rape, we came down to the streets and protested.

Violently… (So much for the country of Gandhi…)

Because human life heeds no value. We are over-populated! With 1.324 Billion people alive in our country, humans need no protection.

Cows do…

How many cows are there? Not more than human I guess.

So ?

Let humans die. So if one eats beef, he/she should die..


I had high hopes for this year… thought, maybe… just maybe this one will be a tad better than the last one.

But it didn’t…

Now I don’t have high hopes for the year to come…


In “The Dark Knight” Joker said a brilliant line…

“Madness… is like gravity… All it takes is a little pushhhhh…”


This year came as the push… One by one…

This year we had one mob for Ram Rahim, One Shambhulaal… Do you have any idea, how many deranged minds actually consider them heroes?

I don’t know…

Nobody does…

So, be prepared. The optimist in me is dead. And if humanity is really going downhill, It will take so much more than optimism with it…

Be Careful…


Peace…(Unachievable ?)




P.S. Before someone misunderstands me



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