Please Allow me to introduce myself…

I must warn you; if you think you are here to encounter a literary genius, who is writing blogs because he is broke, has a troubled past, probably orphan, and writing blogs hoping that someday, some over enthusiastic publisher would be so kind to visit his blog and discover his ingenuity.

If that was your impression, then sadly, you’re mistaken.

I’m actually that creepy nerd you avoided so much in school, and I’m here because I have a computer and an internet connection at my disposal. Anyhow, I guess if you’ve read this far, might as well read the rest of the post too.

Now, like I said, I was the creepy nerd of the class in school, and everyone bullied me. So, once I was out of the school I thought I should make an impact on society and tone down my creepiness. So, I tried to become a Physicist. Thanks to the University of Calcutta, I failed, miserably. But there I was, with a Bachelor degree of little value, and nothing else to do. My father insisted for a Master’s Degree, and I thought, why not! As my career in Physics went down the drains. I changed stream. Went to Atmospheric Sciences and thought I’d become a Meteorologist. But I failed again; Although my results were not bad, I was unable to secure a position as a Ph.D. scholar, even after a year of trying.

Yet again I was with a degree and nothing to do. I realized I need a job. Options were Government Jobs or Something Else… I forgot to mention, I have an elder sister. She identified me as the geek I was, and suggested, “Something Else”. So here I am, Writing this post sitting in a MCA class.

Enough about me, now let’s say something about this thing I call a blog. Well, I will be writing here as regularly as possible, though being a bong, I can’t resist the overwhelming addiction that is “ল্যাদ” ( Lyad n. (Bengali) – The habit of not leaving the bed, even when one’s not sleeping, but also not wide awake, saying ‘To hell with…”  to all the important works to be done…). And I will post in both English and বাংলা, and tag them accordingly.

“Libberish” is a word means Literature and Gibberish, and it also has a hint of Liberty In it… Of course, there is no such word, I made it up…

So, let’s begin… Let’s start this blog… Hope to hear from you soon enough…



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