Anarchy !!!

Well, one might say that’s not a very nice word to start the year…

But we are way past nice. Don’t you think? Let’s recap what happened in the last few weeks of the last ‘decade’ apparently.

1. The Controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill was brought into the parliament, and materialized as ‘Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

2. Many ‘Enlightened’ People (including me), deemed this Act to be Islamophobic, and violates the preamble of Indian Constitution.  

3. Protests broke out in Assam, reports of violence and Police Brutality, and then Assam was cut off from the world with Government Ordered Internet Shutdown.

4. Protest Broke Out in West Bengal, Muslim heavy areas such as Barasat, Budge Budge, Murshidabad, Dhulagarh and Sankrail.

5. Violent Mobs Hurled stones towards train, burnt down buses and train stations.

6. Internet was Shut Down in affected areas of West Bengal.

7. Protest Broke out In Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia University, reports of Police Brutality, death of a student circulated in social media. A Video allegedly showing ‘Delhi Police Burning Buses’ was shown.

8. Delhi Police debunked the Myth of Student death. As well as burning bus, both were hoaxes.

In West Bengal, nobody was arrested for destruction of Public Property, although the State Government blamed RSS and BJP. Our beloved chief minister organized a rally, which turned into a laugh riot (CAA CAA CHHI CHHI and more…) , meanwhile Indian railway suffered a loss or about 15 Crore in Indian Rupees. Railway Tracks were destroyed and trains were canceled. Our CM deemed this as another ‘insignificant incident’ and blamed railway.

So, let’s see what happened in a Nutshell. The central government in order to whip up more and more Hindu votes, created this façade named CAA. And when riot did break out, the state government of West Bengal stood and watched in order to save the minority votes.

In a single word, it’s a Clusterfuck…

Image Credits : Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In a matter of days after the riots, I’ve seen people convert to BJP, because, everyone loves their own skin the most. Definitely more than the country.

Now, as the Government that destroyed the country’s Economy, and with the reincarnate of Mary Antoinette on charge of the finance ministry, the people need bigger and bigger distractions from the issue. So, a nationwide riot.

Now, as the government that destroyed the state I live in, is running out of ideas to keep us occupied. After several government officials were linked to the Sarada and Rose Valley scams, we saw an exponential rise in the number of Melas in the state. With the ‘Inspiration’ of her majesty, of course. But now the Melas are not even cutting it. And the CAA-inspired-riot, once again, brought the uselessness of our state government out in the open.

People who know me, know, I hate the state and the central government equally. And as the new decade dawns on us, we are in the brink of an Anarchy. People of Making Fun of ‘Superpower by 2020’. But, if I remember correctly, it was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision. Such a fine treatment of that man’s memory.

‘A Clown Kills two Wall Street Guys in a Subway, and the Chain of Events Results in Gotham City delving into absolute chaos.’ – That’s the premise of Todd Philips’ Joker. But the thing is, with Clowns in the Street, in the Parliament, and a very offended clown in the Governor’s House, someone will topple the first domino, which will lead to anarchy, and chaos. BE VERY, VERY AFRAID…

Here’s to a new year, and may we survive it… before the domino falls…

Peace (?!@#$%^&*???????)



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