Directorate of Comedy, Government of India

Generic Politician to Kunal Kamra : “Concentrate on your comedy, son… Who’s stopping you ? Why are you interfering in politics ? Leave the politics to us.”

Kunal Kamra : “That’s what I did, Sir… but then you’re the one who started doing comedy…”

I’ve said it many times; the affairs of our current government has made me angry, made me afraid… with the politics of hate and their mindless work and agendas, it made me cringe, even.

But, more times than often, It felt like comedic genius.

In my college last year, in a programme for which I did stand-up comedy, I said that our current prime minister paved the way for all upcoming comedians, because his stand up special named “Acche Din”, is running for 5+ years.

In Prime Minister Modi’s first term, we saw comedic geniuses like Subramaniyam Swamy, Yogi Adityanath and more, and of course, tha “Supreme Leader” himself. But after getting elected for the second term, In a matter of month, he and his cabinet minsters have really outdone themselves.

Last year, I said how the “Statue of Unity” is a colossal waste of money, and bhakts/chaddis argued with me about tourist spot, foreign currencies and jobs. Now, there is a limit on IQ for becoming a bhakt/chaddi. And we can’t argue with stupid people. They are best at one thing, and that is ganging up on people (literally or digitally), to troll, beat or lynch. Now the thing is, news reports suggest that the “Statue of unity has failed to attract as many tourists as anticipated; and to attract more tourists, another statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is being made spending another 2 Crore Rupees.

Wait, What?

You’ve spent 3000 crores of Tax payers money to build a “National Monument”, the Highest statue in the world, and when tourists are not attracted to that, you think another dinosaur statue will get the job done. Sure, a Dinosaur does symbolize the policies and mentalities of BJP leaders and ministers; but with this strategy, in another term, we will have a garden of statues and no tourist.

Statue of India Economy

And, last week, that half-completed statue went down in storm.

Even dinosaurs are refusing to Stand for the Modi Government.

Now, let’s talk about Nirmala Tai. Our Minister of Finance Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman…

Not kidding, go to google and type her name, and the first suggestion that google will provide is “nirmala sitharaman education”. Because people are curious. It is a job of Government and Political Parties to shift the blames to opposition, and others, but on her last press conference she went on and blamed the millennials for reduced number of sold cars…

Wait, What ?

When millennials are chugging on anti-depressants because of the economic crisis you’ve brought and total number of jobs reduced drastically. And you blame then for crisis in automobile industry.

“Dil Cheez Kya Hain, Aap Meri, Ga**d Lijiye…”

But still, Millennials are OK; I mean for ages the youth have taken bashing from everybody. We are used to smiling, making jokes and moving past that.

But, Mr. Piyush Goyel went on and referenced Einstein in his futile attempt of defending Government policies, when facts suggests that we, the Largest Democracy in the world has lesser GDP than Pakistan and Bangladesh. He said number crunching is not everything, and whatever the facts might suggest; Indian Democracy was not at risk.

It was funny in it’s own accord, but then came the punchline; He claimed that “Mathematics never helped Einstein Discover Gravity”

Wait, What ?

First of all, the works by are sooo path breaking that a child might mistake and say everything is discovered by Einstein, just like we credit each and every motivational quote to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalaam.

No, it’s obvious Einstein did not discover gravity, but all the work he did, (Photo-electric effect, Theories of Relativity) can only be expressed by mathematics. Because Mathematics is, and always will be the language of theoretical physics.

So, the comedy continues. And even in this time of crisis, I can’t help but laugh at these incidents. And Like Varun Grover once said,

“Satire is the hardest thing to do in Today’s world. You write something today, and find out next day that has actually happened…”

So, the cabinet ministers are giving a healthy competition to the political satirists and comedians. We, Indians are great at doing someone else’s work while living my own unfinished. The only problem is elected officials spend their time doing stupid things, promoting stupid things and justifying stupid things is what weighing our country down.

Alas !

Peace (?)



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