All Izz Well !!!

“Karo Bakchodi, Mujhe Kya ?”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Relax !!! Don’t pull your guns and sticks !!! I know that the quote is fake. As fake as the Economic Crisis of India.

I mean seriously… What’s the ruckus is all about ? Are you seriously going to believe, that we, the largest democracy (?!!), is facing a financial crisis ? are you high or something ? I know… In social media, there are fake news being spread; but stop worrying people, listen to your government… Even our finance minister says our economy is better than all other countries, even USA and China, so what are you complaining about ? You think you know better than our minister ? Our Government ? You… You Anti-National…. You Urban-Naxal… You.. You Librandu…

Let me tell you a story, say you have a servant, you called him and said “I’m very hungry Today, Please Prepare Something good to eat.” When you reach your house, you realize, the servant cooked nothing, but cleaned the house pretty well… and expects you to praise him for that…

Sounds familiar ? That’s the abolition of section 370 and 35A in Kashmir to You…  

The Emperors of Rome built the Colosseum to host the games of circus, because, violence is human nature, and killing animals and gladiators were  good distractions to create, when people start to realize : they are living under a tyrant rule.

So, that’s what we get… The Conflict of Kashmir between India and Pakistan is our circus, because when it comes to our nationalism, nothing else evokes that more.

But, not to worry, because everything is peachy here. A rape victim and her entire family gets obliterated, and we have politicians talk about how it is now very easy to get Kashmiri Fair Girls, but hey ! Our women’s rights are better than Saudi… Be Proud (!?)…

And nowadays, people have so many unimportant concerns. Whenever I open any social media, I see photos and news of Amazon Rainforest Burning… So ? Why do I care ? It’s just a Jungle ! Maybe a big one; maybe so it supplies 20% of Earth’s total oxygen, But it’s just trees and animals… There’s no point in wasting time in such silly concerns.

When Chennai, Bengaluru and other Southern cities are facing a Water Crisis, did I show any concern ? We again have people spreading fake propaganda; like by 2021 there will be no water in several major cities. Did I fall for that crap ?  I have running water in my home, and I don’t pay a single penny for that.

So, why should I care for a silly Jungle Burning Thousands and Thousands Kilometers away ?

A few weeks ago, our Prime Minister put the Chandryaan – 2 in it’s orbit by his own hands. And you expect me to believe a bunch of scientists did that ? Yes, maybe they did help out. But who put it in it’s place ? and with Modiji doing all the work, I guess the fund cut of ISRO is justified. Why should they get credit and money for Modiji’s work ?

And frankly, these are petty issues. Our economy is booming. We can finally, legally marry Kashmiri Girls and and we are lynching our problems on a daily basis, so what more do you want ?

We have greater concerns. We finally maybe getting the Hindu Rashtra no one has ever asked for. For the last few years, we have misdirected so much pent up anger towards different religions. And we are there. We have the environment of hatred that is needed, we have once again, Hindus and Muslims watching each other in Disgust.

Finally, we will have that Utopia, , One Country, One Religion. Where without any protest, fearlessly, we will demolish a  hundred more Babri Mashjids and Shout “Mandir Wahin Banega” and lynch everyone who refuses to chant “Jai Shree Ram”.

Peace… in Our Time…


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