Crazy, Stupid…

STATUTORY WARNING: If the content feels too much of a cliché, that’s because it is… But, sometimes, but when you think of it; the basic human life is full of some overly dramatic clichés. So, you’ve been warned, you are free to live anytime.

Have you ever seen a girl so beautiful, that the moment you felt like saying:

– “Gawwd !! I’ve got to have sex with that Girl !!!”

I’m serious. A Face of a girl, giving you a boner, it happens, and more times than you know. Some arbitrary statistics say (I forgot the source, google it…) the body part of a woman that most males get attracted to is the face; not ass, and not boobs.

So, you saw a face, pictured her ravaging in bed; and mistook it for love. I’m no expert; but physical attraction is a part of love, but there’s always more to it. Now, let the situation play out; you got sexually aroused by a girl, you proposed to her (I’m not clarifying the type of proposal). And things get on moving. You go to a closed room, get each other undressed and have sex.

Once it done, what do you do? Have your naked, sweaty bodies discovered love? Or you got what you’ve wanted and you move on?


If we believe in the illusion of free will, then choices are what defines and builds our very cliched life. Our society, where sex was, and still at some point a taboo, people are becoming more and more sexually liberal and they are defining their relationships that way.

Around 100 years ago, a girl talking to a boy could land her in a complete house arrest. But with time, things changed and we are into things like friends with benefits, and open relationship and whatnot. I do believe sexuality is an integral part of a persons love life or relationship, but there are people who proudly say

– “I’m in it for the sex…”

People have a very different picture of relationships today. And sometimes most of us forget, that there is a companionship in every relationship.

Suppose, you’re living together, (or married) you come back home your partner comes back home, when you ask for sex, your partner claims to have a headache. And these headaches become frequent with time.

Now, what do you conclude?

  1. He/She is having an affair. Confront Him/Her.
  2. He/She lost interest in you. Confront Him/Her.
  3. The ‘Spark’ between you too are gone and it was a mistake.

Have you ever thought that this headache thing, might be a chronic illness that’s growing day by day? Have you ever considered caressing his/her forehead and help him/her go to sleep?

You know why? Because that is harder. It’s very easy to assume things that aren’t there rather than addressing things that are very real.

Like I said, Cliché…

If a face gives you a raging boner, that’s testosterone. That’s not love. We need to be much more responsible when comes to people. When you approach a girl (or a boy) you need to take responsibility. You want to have fun, have meaningless consensual sex, go ahead. It’s your choice. But keep in mind, the moment the word relationship is used, you are signing up for much much more than sex. You are signing up for responsibilities, for sleepless nights of gossip or just holding someone close. For meaningless fights and pointless apologies. You are signing up for wiping each other’s tears. You are signing up for mutual respect, and confronting all the world together, hand in hand.

So, the next time you see a girl SOOO beautiful that you want to have sex with her desperately. Just convince yourself, what do you exactly want. Don’t get naked together and call it a relationship…




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