Westeros : Endgame

This post is Dark… and Full of Spoilers…







The ones who’d been gone for so very long
She couldn’t remember their names
They spun her around on the damp old stones
Spun away all her sorrow and

And she never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave
Never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave

-Jenny of Oldstones

I’m not a Fan of Nudity in TV Series or Movies (Porn is different…). So I avoided or rather put it aside for a long time, even when some of the people I know were going bonkers over some show called “Game of Thrones”.

But situations change. It was the summer of 2015. In March, my 6 years long relation came to an end. I was a complete mess; I had to appear for the final semester of my already tough M.Sc course in a fortnight and I was not sure how to get there.

I needed a distraction. I’ve always had a story book or a series to help me get by my exams. So, I started Game of Thrones.

…and rest is History…

The post could end right here. If it were just a ‘Game of Thrones’ Appreciation Post. But this is much more than that. I binge watched four seasons. All my favorite characters died ( I watched Season 3 Episode 9 (“Rains of Castamere”) before my last theory exam. ) and I went presenting my 4th Sem project chanting Valar Morghulis in my mind.   

But after fourth season, I had to wait for each and every episode. And it made things more difficult. But I went through all the seasons one by one, one episode at a time and last week, my watch has ended.

There’s a big controversy and about the last season, how Benioff and Weiss ruined a perfectly good show. And yes, somewhere down the line, it felt like that. But Stephen King defended the Showrunners saying the Fans are Angry because Like all good things, Game of Thrones is also coming to an end. And That is partly true. But like I said before, it is really difficult to root for a character in GoT. But when people saw the characters who made it through all seasons, and took a nasty heel-turn or died in vain; people will be upset. Yes, good people have died before in GoT. But We Rooted for Eddard Stark for 8-9 Episodes. But people (not me) rooted for Daenerys Targeryen for 8 Seasons.

So, yes… they have a right to be angry.

Arya Stark (possibly my favorite ‘Alive’ character), and Brienne of Tarth are the least ‘Ladylike’ characters in the series (in a Good Way). But when we see them succumb to their carnal desires; it might feel wrong to some.

When you see the show which bonded you with so many people in your life going downhill, You will feel like shouting ‘Dracarys’ at least once.

And, when the three eyed raven becomes the King of Westeros, Jon Snow serves two lives in Night’s Watch and resurrected for Nothing; and when The Mother of Dragons Frees Essos, comes to Westeros to Become a Tyrant. Jorah Mormont, Exiled Twice, saved from Greyscale to die in the hands of Army of the Dead.

Are you F**king kidding me ?

But, there was another reason for my disappointment; a Twitter user named @rhxenys posted the spoiler for last three episode. It clearly mentioned everything that will come. And I was disappointed such an end came true. “Bran becomes the King” – WHAT IN SEVEN HELLS !!!

But, before the season Finale, I convinced myself and went to see the episode with somewhat calm mind. And to tell you the truth; I wasn’t disappointed that much.

Sure, lot of Fan theories went nowhere, Not all prophecies got fulfilled; but the story concluded; and we saw the nod to the first season during the entire episode.

We saw Arya watching Daenerys addressing her army from the Sept of Baelor. Like she watched her father getting executed. We saw Jon leading men of Night’s Watch Beyond the Wall, like the beginning of S01E01.

Yes, it was not what we wanted, not what I wanted. But in the end, it was a tiny bit satisfactory. I was sad to see it end… I was sad to realize, my Mondays will be Mundane again.

But, there is always a but…

Like Maggy the Frog told Cersei…

“You will be Queen, and then comes another… Younger… More Beautiful…”

The TV Series that first watched was Dexter. And It felt like the best thing ever (…apart from that shitty season finale). And then Came Lost… It was my fantasy coming to life. But then came Game of Thrones. Who knows! What comes next.

But, in the end I think I should thank my ex for this… If you haven’t left me, I never would’ve watched Game of Throne… So thank you, for cheating on me…

I think this rant will be incomplete, without mentioning my favorite character. And it is none other than Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. The Red Viper of Dorne stole attention in the fourth season, and even after his brutal death, He always remained my favorite (no, I’m not bisexual).

So, the show’s done, when people of near (or far) future will read this after binge watching the entire show, they might not understand what I’ve felt for the last few years. Yes, this was not an emotional journey like with the MCU. But, I always have time for a good story…

Because a wise man once said…

“Stories… There’s nothing in the World more Powerful than a good story…”

*Valar Lyks Syt…


*Peace for All Men


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