Freedom to… Get High ?

I must warn you, this post is very very biased. So, continue at your own risk. If you are a chain smoker, or one who spends a part of his/her day indulging in alcoholic beverages; I think you should stop reading this right now.

Yesterday, I came across a facebook post by Krittika Dirghangi, who is like a sister to me, and I’ve known her for a long time.

What she wrote, pointed out a burning problem in our educational campuses. It’s not just Presidency or JU or Techno India; per se. But a problem altogether. She raised a valid question.

Is College Campus a Place to Smoke/Drink or Get High ?

And people rose a hue-and-cry in the comment section, supporting and disapproving her point of view.

Well, me being a non-smoker/drinker all my life; I’d say, nowhere is a place to smoke or drink…

But, who am I to say that, I don’t even belong to this generation.

But, there are a few things that I’d like to point out. I’m not going to put the statutory warning here, how smoking or alcohol affects your health; No. you are all ‘adults’ you know that and ready to make that sacrifice. So, here’s what else I have to say. I can most certainly say, most teenagers partake in Smoking and Drinking just to prove their adulthood.

“I’m 18! I can walk to a store and buy a pack of smokes, or a bottle of beer.”  

That’s the attitude that makes you light your first cigarette or take the first sip of a hard-drink. And also, there is the question of whether they have consumers in their house or not. But I’m not going to get into that argument of how many parents are actually responsible for their child to turn up a smoker or a drinker.


Now, in that comment section, I saw quite a few people arguing about the legal aspects of smoking and drinking on campus; while others argued if someone doesn’t like the aspect of S&D (read smoking and drinking) he/she should leave the premises. And a very few people argued with all that pollution around us, a few passive smokes will not harm anyone.

Like it or Not, It still Kills…

The people who are chanting about legal and illegal, let me ask you one question. Have you ever heard the word ‘ethics’ ? Now, answer me this, Is it really ‘ethical’ to S&D in your college campus ? Some might say ‘No’ others might say ‘Hell Yeah’ ! and that’s the biggest problem we have with ethics. For doing illegal stuff, you might end up in Jail. But for doing unethical stuff ? Nope… and ethics is something that varies from person to person. But ethics are actually social constructs. There are no ‘Book of Ethics’ for these things. So yeah, it might not be ‘explicitly’ illegal to S&D inside campus, but, it’s damn well unethical. Because the reason is simple. College Campus is not a place to get high or indulge in this ‘frivolous’ practices. People get sooo much freedom moving from School to College, and your education and your culture shapes your life into what it will be tomorrow. And if you think S&D is part of your culture, I must say, you’ve got some issues.

Ever heard of the word ‘sanctity’ ? You might not, because that’s the thing you disturb every day when you get drunk on campus. I’m not talking about people getting molested or raped. In that cases, alcohol is just an excuse. But drunk people are nuisance. Let’s just say all drunkards don’t cry thinking about their exes or pass out, they sometimes act out, violently.

And, you’re saying if someone see you doing something unethical in the college campus they should close there eyes and leave ? Why ? We leave in a country, in a state where our freedom of speech, our education, our lives are threatened every day. People get lynched for not supporting a war against Pakistan. And you want people to leave their alma mater because you want to smoke and drink ? Just think for a second how ridiculous that sounds.

“Jaan Jaaye, Par Sutta Na Jaaye…”

And those who are saying how much smoke a diesel car or a Jet Plane produces; well nobody’s holding up a jet plane or a car smoke exhaust right beside my nose… and smokers really don’t know how nauseating the smell of Tobacco can be for non-smokers.

C’mon. Sadly, I know her post won’t make any difference. Neither will mine. I might receive a few comments like ‘Chal na Buddhe, Raasta Naap…’. But, in the end I’d like to repeat what Krittika Said, again. Your drinking and Smoking Habits are entirely your personal choices. Go do it in your personal space. Keep the sanctity of your campus and institution.  




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