I’m not a very nice person…

I know that, and I feel no shame in admitting that.

We live in a world, where people have a very flamboyant definition of good and bad; If you’re a good enough punching bag for people, you say ‘yes’ to everything you say; there is no one better than you. You are the kindest person; at least that’s what people will say about you.

Behind you, that’s a different story. They will mark you as a certified dumbass, a malleable compound with no spine.


What happens when that malleable punching bag grows a spine?

He becomes rude… arrogant…

“Maybe it’s the new friends he’s made…”

“Or is it that girl?”

It’s surprising, how much the world around you changes, once stop handing things out to people.

Keep saying ‘Yes’ all your life, and everyone around you will keep buttering you all over just to get things done.

But, say ‘No’ once….

Just say ‘Stop’ to all the advantage-takers…

And You’re an ungrateful ass with no empathy.

I’m Mature Enough Not To Care…

“Empathy…” (!)

Such a small and cliché word yet has so much weight to it! If we go searching for it’s meaning, what you’ll find is

‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.’

…An acquaintance of mine got brutally murdered this week…

I felt bad… I got a cringy feeling under my skin.

But, before long, I wanted to know the details of that crime… every bloody detail of that heinous crime.

Where is my Empathy now? And….

How disturbing is that?

So, know… I’m not a nice person. And that lack of empathy basically makes me a psychopath.

Because there was a better, far more empathetic version of me. I still remember those days I cried all day and skipped school when a street dog died in my neighborhood. But, my cries, my tantrum against the society, even God himself, never stopped any deaths.

As time passed, and I grew older, I became indifferent to those dogs.

Some might consider this ‘maturity’ even ‘intelligence’.

I consider it a lack of empathy.

Stepping into the second decade of 21st century, Empathy is considered weakness. Because empathy is something people can exploit.

If you can feel sorry for someone, he/she is your weakness.

The society pushes you towards apathy.

If you’re sympathetic, you will be stepped upon, and If you are apathetic, people will mark you as ‘rude’, ‘insensitive’.

I often argue that how our education system and the economy is turning people into robots; Bottom line is, it is truly disturbing to find out what people call ‘growing up’, is your conscience outgrowing your empathy…

If nothing matters, you’re functional… Nothing can hurt you… But where does that leave you?



P.S. The Murder I was talking about, something weird happened there. After killing the victim, the Murderer wrote on the wall with the blood of the victim…

“Existence is suffering,  we are all Evil…”

How about that ?  


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