Content is Vulgar? Also, Adultery…

Being the Largest ‘Democracy’ of the world, we often question our Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech on a regular Basis. How the Government deciding what we should eat, CBFC is deciding what we should see… We are in a continuous tug-of-war with over-righteous uncles and aunties who make my personal choices, the burning issue of the locality… of the country.

With ‘Urban Naxals’ roaming around free, in broad daylight; people are worried about how the Youth of the country is going Nuts in the name of Freedom…

We all Remember the “Udta Punjab” fiasco. How the creators of that movie almost went to a fistfight with the Censor Board to get it released at last.

But Last Year, Netflix happened. After the arrival of Netflix and Amazon Prime in India, Indian Production houses started their own streaming services with exclusive contents. We have Alt Balaji, ZEE5, HoiChoi and much more. And we got “Original Series” like “X.X.X – Uncensored”, Dupur Thakurpo, Gandi Baat and much more.

Now if someone accuses these Streaming Services of Vulgarity, will that be a wrong accusation? When we Get Sacred Games, Love per Square Foot, Breathe and much more great content from Netflix and Amazon Prime, what we get from certified Indian content makers?  ‘Semi-Porn’.

Generic Clickbait Image, Downloaded From Google…

I’m not saying ban them, stop watching them… No…

I’m just pointing out, what mindset do these creators and producers have?

People trolled Rajkumar Hirani for Making Biopic of Sanjay Dutt. While ZEE5 is making Biopic Series of Sunny Leone!

Seriously !? I mean if Sanjay Dutt is Insignificant, not worthy of getting a biopic, so is she…

There is a long-standing debate about producers saying “We Give People what they want”. I sincerely believe it’s the other way around. People develop habits of what they get. When they are getting sub-standard content, they will crave that. But ultimately, Content in King. Give them good content, they will watch it. The Ever-So-Popular Sacred Games, Breathe and Bose – Dead/Alive has proven that.

I’d like to point out the Bengali Exclusive Content Streamer HoiChoi started with some great shows, like Cartoon, Byomkesh, Hello… but except Byomkesh, which one gets renewed for a New Season? ‘Dupur Thakurpo’…

I’d like to quote Deadpool here – “What the Shitbiscuit !!!”

Sex Sells… this is a burning truth. That’s why prostitution is one of the oldest jobs of the world. But where people related art, and beauty with cinematic content, day by day it looks like that art form is turning into an instrument of selling sex.

But my point is, If I want to watch porn, I will go and watch porn. I won’t say It’s vulgar. Because porn is not vulgar. That’s why it’s called Porn. But when I’m paying good money to watch a work of fiction; I do expect a little more than a few semi-naked men and women fornicating.

If Sex, More Sex, and Adultery is where the Indian content has come down to, then I’m afraid, there is something very wrong with us. Our thought process is archaic and twisted.

Take Section 377 for example. A section which was clearly in violation of basic Human Rights; when abolished, the whole country just went bonkers! I’ve heard remarks like ‘Anarth Ho Giya’ to ‘Aj Se Ga**d Marna Legal Ho Giya’. As if, the Supreme Court of this Country has made Homosexuality Mandatory for the People.

A few days later, Supreme Court ruled ‘Adultery’ or Extra-Marital Affair not being a Criminal Offence. Everybody started to look at their spouses as if they have hidden a skeleton in their closet.

Why ? I mean, why is Adultery a thing?  If someone thinks that Adultery is the way out, they should never have gotten married in the first place. If your Marriage is not working out… ask for a Divorce… Simple.

But, people have so many excuses to give. I just want to say one thing. Doing a wrong thing is always easy. And Marriages fail. People fall in love, they get married, it doesn’t work out. Our parents hitched us together, it didn’t work out… Well… Sort it out without involving a third party into the mix. I believe that is the right thing, but also the hard thing to do.

I personally believe Extra Marital Affair may sound invigorating, funny and even playful; but in real life, it is much more serious than a few non-veg jokes and much more painful than a beatdown-by-the-husband-in-the-closet… It ends with tears and heartache for most cases. Sometimes ruining lives….

I hope people understand, maybe having sex outside marriage, cheating on your spouse is legal; But our own morality tells us a different story. At least it should… if not… We’re doomed…






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