It’s Been A Year… (!)

18th August 2017… “Libberish”, first came into being… And on August 18th, 2018. It completes it’s one-year Journey.

“Literature… Gibberish… Liberty…” – I hope I kept this promise to myself and the few regular readers I’ve gathered during this course of time (I’m not sure about the ‘Literature’ bit though… 😛 ).

Till now, a total of 46 blog posts brought me a total of 3,571 views with 2,462 viewers. I think I’d call that a win!

Stats are Sometimes good things…

Now, as the First Anniversary of Libberish knocking at my door, I think it’s time to do something celebratory.

First, form 18th August, there will be a complete overhaul of the blog layout, new theme, and this time, I might add a travel gallery.

Next, I’d unveil the “Libberish Travel Vlog” YouTube Channel on the Same Day… With the First Vlog “Wanderlust – Garhwal Edition”

Lastly… I wrote about my travel, I’ve expressed my anger, frustration and tried to make people laugh with sarcastic analysis of real-world situations with my posts…

But… I’ve missed out on Fiction…

Those who know me, I do write a story or two from time to time… So, from this week onwards and for the next five weeks. I will write a story and it will have five installments.

It’s going to be a Woman-Centric Story…    And I’m calling it “Cherry Bomb”…


Well, that’s all I know… Let’s see…


And to all those who stuck with me for a year, I’d like to say one thing… “Thank You !”

With people having lesser and lesser spare time, you all have endured my long and boring posts. Where only photos were sufficient, I wrote paragraphs and paragraphs; still, you took the time to read and appreciate it… I’m in your debt… forever…


Thanks again!





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