Wanderlust – The Conclusion – Food Glorious Food

I reached Kolkata Today.

I never reported what happened since Day 9, because I was ashamed to write about the Calamity I brought upon myself on the 9th Day.

I was supposed to Catch the Mussourie Express from Haridwar on 13th. I booked the ticket accordingly (or, So I’ve thought). At 13th Night when I reached the station, I realized my mistake, I booked my ticket for 13th July, Instead of June.

But, instead of spending an entire month in Haridwar(!); I took a bus next day morning to Delhi.

Since then, nothing noteworthy happened; except for the fact that the Delhi summer did not agree with my stomach, and my dysentery returned for a brief period. Otherwise, I was Ok…

Now, Like I said before, today I’ll talk about all the food I ate during my entire trip. Pardon my audacity, with so many renowned food bloggers out there, I’m merely a layman dabbling in this subject.


I left Delhi with an upset stomach, so I was taking thing light and slow. The first proper meal I had after I’ve left Delhi was in Joshimath, In Dinner, I had Rice, Dal and Dum Aloo.

Joshimath Day 1
Joshimath GMVN – Rice, Daal, Dum Aloo

I’ve been to Garhwal before and been to Himachal too. These two areas are only Veg Cuisines are available (except Egg). And one thing I can positively say; Himachalis don’t know how to cook a proper gravy. In Himachal, the trend is to keep the spices and the gravy a little undercooked. Which, as a Bengali, irritates the crap out of me.

But Garhwalis don’t make that mistakes. Their gravies are adequately cooked and after Punjabis, they make the best Vegetarian Cuisines in India.

I spent the next entire day Trekking to Ghangaria. and Shivering in the Cold, I ate Dal Makhani and Rice with Green Chilis and Onions

Ghngaria Dinner
Dinner @ Ghangaria

Food at Ghangaria was Neither as Tasty as in Joshimath, and Twice as Costly. But I don’t blame them. with no motorway and depending entirely upon porters and Mules, that cost is Justified.

The Next day, I ate Lunch at Hemkunt Sahib Langarkhana, and with my raging fever, I was unable to take pictures. Sorry about that. At night, I had my dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Satnam Singh, and It was Paneer and Daal with Roti.

Next Day, in Joshimath, I ordered the Only thing Available @ 3PM, which was an assorted Veg Thali, Consists of Rotis, Rice, Dal Makhani, Mixed Seasonal Vegetable Curry, Papad, Pickles.

Joshimath Lunch 1
Lunch @ Joshimath

At Night, I ate only Veg Sweet Corn Soup.

Next Day, Returning from Auli, I ordered another Veg Thali, But this time instead of Mixed Veg, I got Aloo Jeera, Roti, Rice, and Daal.

Joshimath Thali Day 2
Joshimath Day 2

I called it a Night with a Bowl of Mushroom Soup.

Next Day, I reached Haridwar…

On the Way, My Car Stopped at a Roadside Cafe (read Jhopra), where I had my breakfast with Paneer Parantha, Curd, Daal and Pickles…

On Road Paratha
Panner Paratha, On Road

Garhwalis make some excellent Parathas, which they call “Stuff Parantha” it is Basically, Tandoori Roti, with some kind of Cooked Veggie or Paneer Inside. and Butter Rubbed All Over It. and this Roadside Cafe was not disappointing at all…

Like I said before, I wanted to be in Haridwar only for the Food. I had only Curd and Rice in the Hotel I Stayed in. and went out To Find Two Famous Places.

  1. “Mathura Walo Ki Pracheen Dukaan”
Mathurawale 1
Mathura Walo Ki Pracheen Dukaan

The Original Famous Sweet Shop, known for “Peda”, we Bengalis so lovingly called “Mathurar Peda”. But this shop is also known for it’s famous Rabri, Kheer Samosa, Laddoo and More.

Mathurawale 2

This Man, Remained Unchanged for Almost A Course of Eight Years…

So, I had some Rabri, Mug Daal Ki Laddoo, Kheer Samosa, and from the next shop, a refreshing glass of Lassi…

I know… Too much Sugar is not at all good for health… But, I’m on Vacation…

The Next Place on my List was

2. Dada – Boudir Hotel

Dada-Boudi 1.jpg
Dada Boudir Hotel

Possibly, the most Famous Restaurant in Haridwar known for it’s All You Can Eat Meals and Authentic Bengali Cuisine.

I had my Dinner here. Some will be surprised to know, one Basic Meal Costs Rs. 60/-, even today. Which Consists of Rice (Roti and/or Rice at Night), Two Veggies, Daal, Fried Eggplant, Chatni, Papad.

Dada Boudi Day 1
A Basic Meal

On 13th Night, I had A Deluxe Meal of Rs 100/-, which had Fried Potato, Sweet Curd Included with the Meal.

Dada Boudi Deluxe
A Deluxe Meal

Next day, I Returned to Delhi. and haven’t had any Adventures regarding food.


My Sister and Brother-In-Law did took me to a Dinner in Nanking, Vasant Kunj, Delhi. and we had a Nice Chinese Dinner. With Momos and Chowmein. And again, I missed the photo opportunity. But I did take one or two photos…

Anyway… Those who are cursing me…

I’m Sorry… I Guess…

With Seven Deadly Sins around, I consider gluttony to be the least sinful. and those who know me, already know, I spend most of my Travel Budget in food…

Now, Wanderlust Concludes today. It might return, the next day I hit the road… Till then, Regular old Libberish will be back from this Saturday.

Thank you, for indulging me in all my rants…



P.S. The Libberish Travel Vlogs will be Up and Running within Next week. I need a little time to edit all the footage


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