It’s Time to Shut Up…

When I started this blog in August last year, I wrote about anything and everything that came into my mind; things that made me happy, made me cry and things that tickled my sarcasm.

And there were way too many posts about Women, how they are not safe in this country.

I wrote those posts; because being a son, a brother, an uncle and a boyfriend I live in constant fear.

I mean, what else can I do rather than writing some pointless shit in social media? I can’t just become a vigilante seeking justice!

It’s well known that writing and posting stuff on the internet never makes a difference; Yes, people will appreciate the content; but in my mind, I now feel like I’m exploiting the abuse just to showcase my language prowess.

But this needs to stop…

Shhh (C) Christopher J.

When you’re living in a country, in which 8-month-old girls to 80 years old women are molested, raped, mutilated and killed. Politicians make statements that no human being in their right mind could make, And rapists seldom escape justice because of the political party they follow or inter-religion politics turns a serious matter into farce; Residing in such a country, A petty blog post will hardly make any difference.

Just like a lot of people talking, I could go on and on and blame the justice system; the entire government, even the educational system, which I did before, and quite rightly so; but nothing will make a difference.

In fact, every line I can think of is nothing but a cliché.

Another Day… Another Raped Girl… Another Raped Woman…

It’s the way of life now. I think we should shut up and get used to it.

Another Day… My Mother… My Sister… My Niece…. All Women,

and in this country, all waiting to turn into dead meat.

Get used to it… It’s in our CULTURE…

From Draupadi to Ahalya…

Another Period, Another Raped Woman.

Bleeding Vaginas are not allowed in a Temple… Sorry… Let me rephrase that; Naturally Bleeding Vaginas are not allowed in Temple.  But if it’s bleeding due to the abuse and torture of four person eager to prove their manhood; it’s ok…

Speaking of Temples, Hades raped Medusa inside Parthenon, So Athena Cursed her and turned her into a gorgon. Her hairs turned into Snake, and A look of her eye could turn any man into stone.

Another Mythology, Another Raped Woman…

Hades Raped Medusa, but Athena Cursed the Victim. You know why? Because Medusa was so Attractive that she made Hades horny.

Does that sound familiar ?

It seems like the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge sounded much like some political leaders.

How ironic !

But, What happened to Asifa ?

I really wish she’d turn into a gorgon and petrify all the rapists in this country.

But fairy tales don’t come true. I can shout, I can scream, I can bang my head on the walls.

But what I can’t do, is guarantee the safety of my mother, sister, niece, girlfriend…

I can’t guarantee the safety of my DAUGHTER.

But like I said before, from now on I will only write about good things of life on the blog. How my country is becoming a global superpower. How we are so technically advanced. How we are becoming a country of Rape…. How…

Err… Sorry… That last one was inappropriate.

I guess old habits die hard.

So, I guess I will spend rest of my life shouting and screaming and banging my head on the wall.



Peace… (Ha Ha)




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