The Story of Syria, Sridevi and Sympathy…

Let’s face it; a week ago the untimely death of Sridevi came to us as a shock. I googled twice before informing my mom, who was, and still is an ardent Sridevi fan. May God rest her soul as a week has passed and the nation stood witness to her glorious(!?) last rites.

In the meantime; children died in Syria, due to the bombing that started on 21st February. We sympathize(?) with them…

That’s last week for you…

Oh, well there was Holi. And we drenched in colors and took selfies.

There goes the weekend.

Now the question arises. Should we damn media for covering too much on Sridevi’s death and less on the Syrian Civil War? -No…

Should we damn the person who celebrated Holi and not mourned with Syrians for the loss of lives? -No…

See, let me be very clear at one point. I live in a third world country (like Syria). Where poverty should be one of the biggest concern of us as well as our government; yet they address more pressing issues, like banning beef, staking out anti-nationals, etc. and most of us belonging to the privileged class, I ask;

-“A Middle Eastern Country is Bombed and People died. Why do I Care?”

I never cared when communal riots broke out in our very state. I turned my head away when a girl from my neighborhood was molested and raped before getting killed. So, why should I care?

Like I said, when we can’t stand up for what’s necessary, when we our own asses were on fire, we bought Burnol, instead of trying to extinguish the fire.

I saw the pictures, a city turned into dust, dead bodies lying in between the debris. It was horrible and frightening. I can sympathize with Syria all I want. But the time we are going through I think that should be considered luxury.

There was a movie, called “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S”; In the movie a scene depicted the public beating up a pickpocket. The Character played by Sunil Dutt came to his rescue. And he said something which was very relevant, even today. To the pickpocket he said…

-“Look at them… Do you know who they are? They are the people of this country. See how much hatred they have in their eyes? They don’t hate just you. They hate that India lost the last cricket match, they hate that the price of the vegetables is increased….”

And the line goes on…

And we are angry; we are angry because Nirav Modi stole money. We are angry because Rose Valley went belly up, we are angry because Jobs are decreasing and our education is losing its value. We are angry because of Demonetization, we are angry because we got ripped off during my Daughter’s Marriage.

And we are so angry, we are forgetting that we are capable of showing empathy.

We blame media for covering so little about Syria; yet we forget when the Flyover fell apart near Girish Park, media perversely showed us blood and gore.

We Google and find out what, why, how about Syria, yet we don’t even remember the name of the girl who got raped in Park Street.

We forget we are not in the position to Cancel the Holi vacation and work instead, to sympathize with Syria. Because we love our vacations, and what difference does it make?

We even mock Sridevi about her second marriage and how she got drunk and drowned in her own bathtub. Because we have the right to Judge everybody; no matter who they are, or what they are going through.

There was another famous movie “Apocalypse Now”; The movie is about Vietnam War from the perspective of an American Soldier.

There was a monologue by Martin Sheen.

-“We’ve made this deal with ourselves. We cut them in half with machine guns and give them a Band-Aid.”

My point is, yes, we are not the one wielding the machineguns, but don’t try and be the Band-Aid. Syria doesn’t need our Sympathies, it needs money, healthcare, and medicines. Which we can’t provide, (if you think you think differently, reach out; maybe we can put together a very very tiny relief fund.)

What I’m trying to say, things like a candle march will only stroke our ego and do Jack Squat for Syria.

I know this is a very untidy and kind of pointless write-up, But that’s all I could do for today…







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