Thank You !


Honestly speaking, when I started this blog in August, I did not have very high hopes for it. With really great bloggers writing great original contents more regularly than I do; and pretenders flooding social media with gibberish and vengeful posts (and even one-liner); I never thought this blog would survive more than a few months. But it did, and despite my very irregular posting schedules, people regularly read it, sent me feedback and it actually thrived.


Milestone !!!


I’ve reached 1k view mark a few months ago, but today I crossed the 1k unique viewer mark.

It was not easy, overcoming my lethargy and finding original ideas for posts every week, let alone making them catchy.  But, I did somehow, and I Thank all of my readers for that. Those who liked it, those who did not like it and even those who visited Libberish for the mere curiosity to find out how bad I’ve messed up. I Thank You all, and hope to see you in the comment section of my next post…


So Again, Thank You…





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