Step by Step…

Those who know me knows how much I love to walk. For reasons unknown, I’ve been known to take occasional long hikes, alone or otherwise.

These walks have helped me a lot. Whenever I’m in doubt, a long and aimless walk always clears my head.

I came from a very good school. Not a very posh one; but good in a sense I had good friends, great teachers- people who appreciated co-curricular activities. I was fortunate to be there; whatever I am today, my school had the second most role to shape me into it.

After a few days, returning from college I was walking in the busy streets of Boipara, College Street. My classmates went their separate ways. I was in the middle of the street, chaos all around me. I stopped for a moment. I felt All the hue-and-cry suddenly muted. I felt alone. I realized The day I left my school. I’ve left a part of my life behind.

Steps… (Courtesy – Google)

Not very long ago someone I knew, died. The day after the cremation, I went for a walk. The roads gave me some solace.

There were days when I was not alone. Someone walked beside me and promised to stay there, forever…

But as time went promises were forgotten and ways parted.

But that’s not why I’m writing this.

I was walking today… Again. I was not alone… or was I? The person who was there never felt like another. She kept talking, I kept listening; I never felt alone. She was there. But I felt her presence differently; as if… she was part of me…

She never made any promises. She even said, ‘I might leave you tomorrow.’ But there she was, planning about the future we shall have together.

I realized, I’ve found a part of me; a long-lost piece, which I had dropped long ago, walking down the same roads.

I know, flattery is not an uncommon virtue, especially when someone special is concerned.

But, what I meant to say is walking changed my life so many ways, so many times. I thought it’s about time I appreciate that.




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