Kolkata, My Lonely city of Joy…

John Denver said (or rather, sang) “The wiser man than I might know, the seasons of the heart”. And he can’t be more correct. There are seasons of Overjoy, Bliss and off course, loneliness. And it was a moderately cold day of winter, and I felt the need of going out for a long walk; as for no particular reason, I felt lonely and sad. So, I started from my home in Tala, with nothing but a camera and a backpack. I had no place that I’ve had to reach, so I pretty much followed my nose wherever it took me. That day, I thought, after so many vivid and vibrant photographs, why not try something, old school? So, I put my picture control into “Monochrome”; and so my journey began. Kolkata in Monochrome, Kolkata in Greyscale…

DSC_0008_HDR (2)
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

From the Middle of Tala Bridge, the Kolkata Station looked, well… Lonely

Not many trains were there, many of them left the station behind just like a necessary shelter before the ride to their goals.

DSC_0011_HDR (2).jpg
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

Netaji is conveniently camouflaged in front of all the advertisements.

This reminded me about that famous poem by Shankha Ghosh “Mukh Dheke Jay Biggapone”. Now, who can call Shyambazar a lonely place, right? But it felt like, nobody even cares where they are, as all of them has places to go and places to be…

Then, I took a ride on metro, and got down in Esplanade.

DSC_0029_HDR (2)
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

The Metropolitan Building, stood up like a white mausoleum in the busy crossing of Esplanade.

Looking through the camera, it may not look lonely, but it definitely looked sad. So, I kept walking, moving forward…

DSC_0039_HDR (2).jpg
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

From the top of Sriram Arcade, S S Hog Market Looked crowded…

But what about its soul? This building is considered as one of the places, that still reeks of “Calcutta”, but I don’t know, maybe I was spreading sadness to everything…

DSC_0054_HDR (2).jpg
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

The Indian Museum looked like an old man, resting in shade…

Really! this guy looked old and tired, just resting…

So, I started towards Maidan, from there, towards Victoria Memorial

So He Spoke-2
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

There are two of them, guarding the entrance of The Memorial…

But, the way they looked at each other, I saw nothing but hubris of their own existence. So, there they were, together, face to face, alone…

(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

The Memorial Building looks like a Glamourous Model? I don’t think so…

While I was taking this shot, lot of people were in the compound. But is it just me? Or does she looks really sad?

Shadow Bliss
(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

Looking at The Victoria Memorial Again from Race Course.

She looked like a beautiful white dove in a cage…

(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

Even She Agrees with Me…

(c) Neelotpal Sinharoy, All rights reverved

My Journey ends, as my legs start protesting, and so does my stomach…

While my way home, I realized if you’re sad, and lonely even, how it can affect everything you do… As if you look to everything through a filter of sorrow… So, at the end of the day, I threw away the filter and decided to be happy…






One thought on “Kolkata, My Lonely city of Joy…

  1. Senjuti Sinharoy

    If you know that you are blessed enough that after coming back home you will get cooked food and don’t need to worry about your existence. Then this is the out come. Regards writing this is one of the worse writing of you.


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